Think Pink….

Submitted by Marina Hodson

Yes, we are looking at another one of those awareness months and this time it is Breast Cancer. I am sure we have all seen the pink ribbons or maybe, like myself, you have purchased novelty items in support of Breast Cancer Awareness but unless you have been touched by its impact, how much have you thought about Breast Cancer?


 Well this is as good a time as any!  While there are certainly screening tools for early detection, as always, the best cause of action is prevention.  Aside from reducing your risk, the required lifestyle changes are overall good for you, so why not incorporate them now?

  • Limit your alcohol – the more alcohol you consume, the greater your risk of developing breast cancer, in fact research suggests that women should have one drink per day or less.

  • Don’t smoke – I think that is likely good advice all around.

  • Manage your weight – aside from all of the other associated health concerns, being overweight has also been found to increase your risk of developing breast cancer, particularly after menopause.

  • Limit hormone therapy – combination hormone therapy for more than three to five years has also been shown to increase risk.  Try to choose non-hormonal options to manage symptoms and if needed, opt for the lowest dose that works for you.

  • Limit your exposure to radiation – obviously, if testing is required, it should be undertaken.  However, high doses of radiation are suspected to be linked to development of breast cancer, so avoid unnecessary tests and be sure to advise practitioners of other testing you have recently undergone.

So think pink this month and go for prevention as well as screening.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT