A Call from The Fenelon Falls Farmers' Market

The Fenelon Falls Farmers' Market is calling upon you to join us for our AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Wed. March 6th 7:00pm at the Royal Canadian Legion (23 Veterans Way) in Fenelon Falls. 

We need community support in order for the farmers' market to succeed. Your input and views about the market is important to us. If you now of anyone else who might be interested in attending this meeting please let them know. We do hope you can attend.

Please remember: 

Every time someone shops at the farmers' market they are supporting the local economy and it's farmers.

For every dollar spent at the market, another ten is spent else where in town.

Thank you

Kathy - Vice President FFFM

The Fenelon Falls Farmers’ Market is accepting new vendors. To learn more or to get in touch visit:


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