Mourning Winter...

Submitted by Marina Hodson


As we approach the spring Equinox I enter stores to the Canadian salute of “I am so ready for this snow to be gone”.

I have to say, I probably am too. I have my first seeds sprouting in my living room and the snow is collected in ugly black piles in parking lots, but there is a part of me that mourns the departure of the season. I shall miss the sparkling “diamonds” of the early morning snow fall, the wonder of the snowmobile ride and the ability to assess my animal companions by the prints in the snow by my door each morning.

 So as one season departs, let us embrace the joy of spring! Put on your walking shoes and enjoy the feel of grass and pavement without the fear of falling as we await the first blooms. For me, it means a transition from my basement treadmill back to nature, and while I will miss the beauty of the sparkling snow banks, I will embrace the brown and grey surroundings as I transition. My heart beats in anticipation for gardening and healthy outdoor living as we move to the beauty of the greenery.

I know this is a difficult time in Central Ontario, but enjoy the anticipation and move back to the outdoors to stay active as we see the colours return. 

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT