Volunteer Week 2019 - Let's clean the park!

This week, April 7-13, is National Volunteer Week!

Fenelon is such an amazing community - we are full of people who volunteer their time and efforts with different groups and events that make our community special. From Canada Day to Santa Day, the shopping district merchant events like Midnight Madness and Diva Night, Films by the Falls, the Horticultural Society, the Downtown Revitalization Committee, Lion’s Club fundraisers - and so many others! Volunteerism and community spirit is alive and well here in Fenelon Falls.

For the last several years, the Take Back the Beach committee has worked hard to clean the Garnet Graham park and beach area of goose poop. This effort has made a huge impact; each year, “geese leavings” create unsanitary conditions for public beaches and swimming areas, and they are often closed as a result.

Keeping the area clean allows for everyone who visits the park, beach, and splashpad to enjoy the sunny summer days in town.

The Take Back the Beach committee is in danger of shutting down, and needs more volunteers this year if they are going to be able to continue this valiant effort of cleaning our beaches! It’s easier than it sounds, and it just might be the most noble volunteer opportunity in town. Helping out to take back the beach is a good excuse to get out for a walk, and this is also a perfect opportunity for high school students to complete their mandatory community service hours.

If you are interested or able to help out at all, please email takebackthebeachff@gmail.com. Let’s try to keep our beaches and public swimming areas open again this season!