Fenelon Station Gallery - Where Arts and Heritage Intersect

Submitted by Janet Tysiak

Enjoy a blended cultural experience this summer right in the heart of Fenelon Falls!

The Fenelon Station was built during the Railway Age in the 1880s by Sir William Mackenzie from Kirkfield, Ontario. It was built in the regular railway design that included a passenger waiting room, ticket office and baggage room. A bay window on the front was a feature that enabled the station agent to see up and down the rail line.

The station remains authentic and well preserved to this day but with a unique addition. A group of local artists have made this historic train station their home.

The rustic space that was once a passenger waiting room, baggage room and ticket office is transformed every season into an eye catching display of beautiful artwork. Visitors can step into the past and at the same time browse through the diverse and high quality work of our cooperative artists.

The members volunteer their time to manage the gallery so that during operating hours there is always an artist present to greet and assist you!

Come on board and make the gallery one of your stops this summer! Doors open for the season on Saturday, May 18.

Check out https://fenelonstationgallery.com/ for hours, scheduled artists and demonstrations.