Highway Clean-Up thanks to the Rotary Club

Submitted by Randy Johnson

On Saturday 11 May 2019 the Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls conducted another "Highway Clean-Up" along Helen Street / County Road 8 from the marina to Highway 35. 

If anyone has a desire to throw unwanted litter and items from their vehicle, we encourage them to stop and consider who is going to clean up after them. 

We picked up an astounding 320 kgs (704 lbs) of trash along the roadway. 

If the desire to throw something from your car is that great, then consider making a donation to the service club in your area that is volunteering to make our community clean for both residents and tourists. 

Or, just hang on to your trash until the next time you’re able to put it in a garbage can.

Many thanks to the Rotary Club for their efforts!