Rotary's Contributions to Recreation and Youth in Fenelon

Submitted by Michael Robson

The Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls has always poised itself with an eye to the future. Over its 75 year history, this has meant the implementation and development of several youth initiatives to ensure that the future lies in capable hands. These initiatives have had a lasting impact on Fenelon Falls as well as the international community.

Fenelon Falls Rotary has been an integral part in the development of recreational infrastructure in Fenelon Falls. Their contributions have made it possible to build both arenas, the ball park and the splash pad. These areas unite Fenelon in play and bring families together to support their kids. From hockey tournaments to summer days spent splashing around; Fenelon Falls has reaped the benefits of Rotary’s dedication to recreation.

Recreation is not the only area where Rotary has given back to youth. The club partners with community groups to provide affordable meals to families in need. Rotary provides scholarships to students enrolled in Public and High School and has supported mental health services such as the Suicide Hotline to help prevent youth suicide.

Rotary’s dedication to youth extends beyond the borders of Fenelon Falls. The Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls has sponsored international exchange students that have created lasting friendships. Many sponsored students continue to return to Fenelon Falls and are lifelong friends with the Rotary members who hosted them. Some Rotary members have even been invited to weddings by their former sponsored students!

The Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls has also participated in many of Rotary International’s global initiatives. The Fenelon Falls Club helped to build a school in Cambodia and coordinated volunteers to go and teach at the school once the building was completed. The Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls has contributed to Rotary Internationals efforts to eradicate polio, a goal they have almost achieved. There are possibly only 14 known cases remaining in the world.

The organization does not like to dwell on past accomplishments but continues to ask themselves how they can make the world better. Whether it is within Fenelon Falls or around the world, the Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls continues to work towards a better future with today’s children at the helm.