The Making of the Fenelon Falls Curling Club Mural

Submitted by Donna Bisschop

I just had a wonderful opportunity to show, and be part of, community here in Fenelon Falls.

My name is Donna Bisschop and I painted the new mural on the side of our curling club.

Last summer the mural was only a thought in a few peoples minds, but the drawings evolved as the Curling Club considered and reconsidered what they wanted to see and express – certainly the history of the town and the evolution of curling were important. Months of drawing and redrawing brought us into last fall and the creation of the full-size drawings.

Once the drawings were approved I redrew them all again onto pellon (transfer material) and then traced the drawings through the pellon onto my boards...

As an artist, nothing is more thrilling to me than moving from sketch to paint, filling out, filling in; making the characters come alive. The winter passed quickly as I painted hour after hour, absorbed in telling the story in pictures I had drawn months before.

The boards not only took up my time, but also my home. Painted flat, on eight foot tables they were a massive footprint to navigate in my living and dining rooms. Every month or so, willing friends would come and help me dismantle tables and stand the three panels up precariously in my living so I could see what was and was not working.

By this past spring the panels were ready for Varathane – and I was ready to have my home back!

My hope is that everyone who takes the time to look at the mural, which is displayed on the Bond St. side of the Fenelon Falls Curling Club, will find something fun, something interesting, something that makes them feel connected to this awesome community we share.