Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. launches inaugural beer garden at Fenelon Fair

Submitted by Fenelon Falls Brewing Co.

Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. forms a strategic partnership with the Fenelon Agricultural Society to launch an inaugural Beer Garden at the Fenelon Fair on July 19th to 21st. The beer garden is designed as an extension of the Fenelon Fair to provide a licensed area for visitors to enjoy Fenelon’s local premium craft beer.

Visitors will now be able to enjoy a variety of Fenelon’s fresh craft beers while experiencing Fenelon Fair’s festivities. “Our goal for the beer garden is to offer visitors a complete Fenelon Falls experience with a selection of premium craft beer” says Mathew Renda, General Manager, Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. “We want to develop Fenelon as a significant tourism site by highlighting its picturesque geography and, now, Ontario craft beer. It’s our intention to continue supporting local businesses along the way whenever we can, and this is a strategic partnership to support the community.” Renda continues.

Beer Garden Hours

July 19th: 4pm to 10pm

July 20th: 11am to 10pm

July 21st: 11am to 4pm

About Fenelon Falls Brewing Co.

Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. is Kawartha’s newest craft brewery with an established track record of delivering quality premium beer. The brewery’s goal is to make Fenelon Falls a premier destination by providing another anchor in the community for visitors to experience all Fenelon has to offer.

The Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. offers hand-crafted premium beer made in small batches. Sourced from natural ingredients by quality-minded people, their brewing philosophy is to keep ingredients simple and our processes to a minimum to make beer that allows the flavours and aromas to shine through.