Say Hello to the New Owners of The Cow and Sow

The Cow and Sow is one of Fenelon’s longest-running businesses, and as of this season it is under new ownership. Here is a brief Q&A to introduce you to the new owners, mother and daughter Lorraine and Emily Forbes, and give you a sneak peek at what you can expect from the famous local restaurant this season.

Town Crier: Tell us a little about you guys and why you chose to buy the Cow and Sow?

Cow and Sow: It was always my mom's dream to own her own restaurant. She worked in the hospitality industry her entire life prior to having my sister and I. Timing sort of worked in our favour because I was just finishing up university and didn't have a plan for what was next and my mom asked me if I wanted to go in on purchasing the restaurant with her. I said yes and that was it! She and I are best friends so it is a dream for both of us to get to work together and build a business together. The Cow has always been our family's favourite restaurant as well so it really worked out perfectly.

TC: Are there any new changes to the menu you’d like to announce? Or are you sticking with much of the same classic pub food people have come to expect from the Cow and Sow?

C&S: The menu is pretty much the same! We condensed it a little bit, and will probably add the warmer items like soup and shepherd’s pie back during the winter time. We did add chicken souvlaki back on to the menu and called it "Dickon's Chicken" to honour the previous owner Dickon Robinson, as it was his favourite item on the menu.

TC: Any special events or weekly specials going on this summer at the Cow and Sow?

C&S: We will be having live music every weekend. Every Friday or Saturday or both! We also have some special events with live music throughout the week later in July. There will be lots of promotions through our beer reps and chances to win cool prizes. We will soon be doing a promotion through Sapporo which will give our guests a chance to win a Sapporo mini fridge. In addition to these we also have daily drink and food specials!

TC: Fantastic! Thanks for sharing

Everyone be sure to drop by the Cow and Sow this summer to check out their live music, specials, and events - and say hi to Lorraine and Emily!