Meet the Tourism Ambassadors

This summer, five local students took on the task of spreading their love of the town to visitors. These are the Tourism Ambassadors. In the waning weeks of summer the Tourism Ambassadors would like to share a little bit about themselves and their summer in Fenelon Falls.

For the Tourism Ambassadors a typical day starts at nine o’clock when they don gloves and make their way around town cleaning up the streets. Then in pairs, they spread out greeting visitors from around the world, boaters moored along the channel, and creating social media content promoting local events and business. On Wednesdays, you can find the TA’s helping the Horticulture Society take care of the many beautiful gardens around Fenelon. In essence, they aim to foster a positive and welcoming environment in Fenelon Falls and strive to make people’s stay in town one to remember.

We asked the Tourism Ambassadors some questions about their experience working and what they have learned over the summer.

What has been your favourite moment of the summer so far?

  • The time when I found a sweet hat with my best friends (The TAs).

  • The time I got to play in the splash pad.

  • The time where I gave around 30 tourist a tour of the falls.

  • Please, don’t make me choose (too many)!

  • Helping the Horticultural Society with the gardens around town.

What advice would you give to future Tourism Ambassadors?

  • Get some good walking shoes.

  • Wear sunscreen!!!

  • Don’t be scared to approach people, most people are very friendly!

  • Be a friendly face.

  • Remember that even if the last person you spoke to isn’t kind, the next one could be.

  • Always say hi even though they may not say hi back.

Have you learned anything new about Fenelon Falls this summer because of your job as a TA?

  • The people are super friendly.

  • People visit Fenelon from all across the world.

  • Fenelon is usually really busy with tourism, and flower baskets are a handful.

  • The Farmer’s Market has a wide variety of different vendors.

  • We have a volunteer firefighter station that works hard to protect the people of Fenelon.

What was your favourite Instagram story that you took?

  • Country Cupboard- Frozen Yogurt

  • Lil Wee Quilt Shoppe-Great View

  • Splash Pad-Fun Shoot

  • Kawartha Store-Fashion makeover

  • The Book Lady - Amazing puns (insta stories), nice little shop.