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Letter from the Editor

Happy Holidays from the Town Crier Team!

Hopefully you have enjoyed the evolution of our little community newsletter over 2018 - we have increased our frequency to weekly newsletters, given the whole thing a facelift, and our subscriber list continues to grow steadily.

We'd love to hear from you in 2019! You always have the option to share an event, photo, or story idea with us for a chance to be featured in the newsletter, and a chance to win one of our monthly contests. Check out the questionnaire in this week's edition to give us some reader feedback and be entered in this month's contest.

For the holidays the Town Crier newsletter will be on a brief hiatus to let our batteries recharge. We will be back in your inbox on Thursday, January 3rd, but until then we will do our best to keep the events calendar on the website updated with information sent to

Warmest wishes for a safe and happy holiday season, see you in the new year!

Dana Deathe

aka The Book Lady

aka Town Crier Editor-in-Chief

Letter from the Editor — August 16th, 2018

You may be thinking, wait a sec - didn't I just receive a Town Crier newsletter just last week?? And you'd be right! We have decided to update the frequency of the Town Crier to once a week, in order to keep the news brief and digestible, and to keep everyone informed on the most current events happening in our little community.

As always, if you have an event, photo, or local interest story that you think would be a great fit for the Town Crier, share it with us:

As this summer winds toward a close, remember not to take these days for granted: grab a frozen yogurt or ice cream cone, watch the locks, and catch one of our beautiful sunsets over Cameron Lake. In February we will be missing these hot and humid days!


Letter from the Editor - July 12th, 2018

We are in the thick of summertime now, with one heatwave behind us and likely a few more ahead of us!

Keep cool this summer with trips to the beach and splash pad, and grab a frozen yogurt at the Country Cupboard or a cone at Slices n' Scoops.

We are growing this little newsletter again - be sure to check out the new sections "Art Space" and "Green Scene" for more great info on whats happening around Fenelon Falls.

If you have a story or know of a resident you think should be featured in the Town Crier, reach out to us! Send your photos and story ideas to to contribute to your community newsletter.

If you have any innovative ways to beat the heat this summer, please share your tips with us, and don't forget to wear your sunscreen!