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Join the Fenelon Falls Climate Strike

Submitted by Abigail Jardine

Our planet is changing, so why aren’t we?

For many years scientists have expressed their concern about global warming. Environmental non-profits such a WWF, Greenpeace, and Sierra Club advised citizens to take shorter showers, bike instead of drive, turn off lights, and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth in order to combat climate change. As much as those easy tasks are great they are simply not enough.

We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to net zero by the middle of this century to have a reasonable chance of limiting global warming to 1.5C. This means we are not doing enough at the moment to keep emissions down.

We - the children and youths of today - have realized that our future depends on it. We are the last generation that can make a change before it is too late, before we can not reverse the damage we have done. Tomorrow, on September 27th 2019, we the children will march to show our town, our city, our government that we are not asking for change - we are demanding it.

Our village can be a part of a big change. We as a community can reduce our plastic, eat more plant-based foods, buy local goods, use more renewable energy, carpool, elect politicians that create change, and so much more!

Young people do not want to return home to Fenelon Falls one day with our future kids and tell they can not swim in the lake because it is too polluted. We do not want to tell them how there used to be many trees, fish, birds, and blue sky, and at night you would see the most beautiful stars and not cast smog. Change is upon us and let’s start by letting everyone know. Let’s march hand in hand for a better future.

Join the Climate Strike in Fenelon Falls on Friday, September 27th at 11:00 am. Meet at the marquee sign on Oak Street, and feel free to bring signs encouraging action for this peaceful protest.