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Second Crossing Public Meeting - A Summary

Submitted by Jim Armstrong

Yesterday evening a public meeting was held by Dillon Consulting to discuss the upcoming construction of a second bridge in Fenelon Falls to relieve traffic congestion. The meeting at the Community Centre was part of the City of Kawartha Lakes’ environmental assessment project for a second crossing. The consultants reported on the investigations they have conducted over the summer on aspects of environmental, socioeconomic, cultural heritage, archeology, transportation, and technical feasibility.*

From their analysis and the public consultation back in May, they have been looking at the following problems and opportunities:




Bridge backups


Helen/Lindsay intersection

Main street



Reduce delays and congestion

Improve main street


Support downtown revitalization

Better relationship of land use to transportation


Their research found that there were three groups of bridge crossings currently with very different volumes of traffic:



Outside Kawartha Lakes


Outside Kawartha Lakes (i.e. passing through)


= 5-10% of total crossings, depending on day, time, and season


Outside Kawartha Lakes

Inside Kawartha Lakes


= 15-21%


Inside Kawartha Lakes

Inside Kawartha Lakes (i,e, fully local)


= 68-69%

Three options were described:

  1. Traffic operation improvements, especially at the Helen/Lindsay intersection

  2. New bridge at the 3rd concession Sommerville (north of Rosedale)

  3. Additional bridge in Fenelon Falls

The consultants are recommending options 1 and 2 at this point; not option 3 especially because of the higher cost and less clear need.

The 40 people in attendance discussed the options and had the following comments:

  • Option 1 is a good idea and the concern is that it be implemented as soon as possible. Pedestrian part of bridge is an urgent problem—too narrow and frequently flooded.

  • Option 2 is desirable, especially to redirect heavy traffic (eg-quarry loads) out of towns. The concerns include that it addresses only part of the problem and will take 3-5 years to be available.

  • Option 3 should continue to be considered despite the higher cost. It would solve more of the problems, especially the risks of any possible closures of the current bridge. This concern is accentuated in terms of emergency services—police, fire and ambulance. Another concern about the option was routes close to Langton School and Fenelon Court. Merchants are keen to have the improvement of less vehicular traffic on the main street.

  • Apply all three options in a phased approach for full solution.

  • Maybe the best remedy of the Helen/Lindsay intersection problems is relocation of the gas station and/or Tim Hortons?

The consultants will continue their work on the project and report to the City early in the New Year.

*full presentation is on the City website at under Major Projects, Fenelon Falls Second Crossing.