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Grandma Eileen

Submitted by Jeff Leuenberger

Photo Credit: Baddow Road Photography

Photo Credit: Baddow Road Photography

If you have ever spent some time, under the shade of the Maple tree, watching the boats at Lock 34 you may have had the pleasure of visiting with “Grandma Eileen”.

At least 4 days a week she can be found, on the bench, enjoying a famous Country Cupboard frozen yogurt or a Slices ‘n Scoops Kawartha Dairy cone. She is a wonderful advocate of Fenelon Falls; full of suggestions on where to eat, shop, and play.

During the visit, she will proudly share with you, “That’s my granddaughter working at the locks. She gets her height from me”, then she’ll giggle away. Eileen’s granddaughter is headed off to Guelph University in the fall and Grandma Eileen just wants to “see her as much as she can before she leaves”.

The lock employees have gotten so used to Grandma Eileen’s presence, that if she hasn’t been able to make it into town for a shift or two they inquire about her health and well being.