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The Curling Club a Happening Place in Fenelon Falls

Submitted by Ian Hackett on behalf of the Curling Club Board

The Fenelon Falls Curling Club has had a very successful registration campaign for the 2019-2020 season. The two nights of open house and registration were packed with old and new friends sharing summer stories and making plans for this winter’s events at the Curling Club.

Our Youth League is headed up by the Peels, Katherine and Doug . If you have seen Doug with his construction equipment lay 1000 pound armour stone with precision, well just imagine what he does with a curling stone on a beautifully groomed sheet of ice. His enthusiasm to mentor young curlers can only help to grow our sport. Watch for the “Rocks and Rings” program in our local schools this fall.

The Board has worked through the summer to promote the club in our community. We are proud to display our logo and website. Our goal is to be the very best we can and our catch phrase “Curl Fenelon - it’s more than just the game “ was chosen to emphasize the club’s social and inclusive atmosphere.

We have set a registration fee that we feel is manageable for our players and enticing to new curlers young and not so young.

Youth League is Sunday afternoon from 1:00-3:00 pm, and fees are $99 (includes tax and OCA fees)

Learn to Curl is Sunday 3-5 pm, for a 6 week duration starting Nov 3rd for $99 (plus tax) and includes an opportunity to play and practice with one of our leagues for the 6 weeks.

Our new website “ “ is up and full of information about our leagues, events, and registration forms.

Give us a call, stop by the club when the lights are on, or ask anyone in town how to belong. We are well known around town and excited to include everyone.