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Let's Talk Junk Food...

Submitted by Marina Hodson, Executive Director of Kawartha North FHT


So it is the season of candy and that seems the time to talk about what we eat.

We hear that term and maybe we are immediately drawn to see the golden arches, but let’s be honest, maybe sometimes we are not the best judge of what constitutes those items in our daily diet that we should be reviewing.

It is easy to identify the obvious culprits like that double cheeseburger and fries, but what are the unknown items we add daily that are upping our calorie count, adding to our sodium intake, and otherwise eliminating our efforts at maintaining a healthy diet?

Here are some of the things we don’t want to think about that may be gratifying in the moment but decrease our good health incrementally.

  • How about that small iced cappuccino you love at 360 calories?  Not an entirely unreasonable treat on occasion, but how about when you upgrade to the large one daily with the extra toppings that may top out at one third of your daily suggested caloric intake?

  • It is often the liquids we like to discount, how about the soda you are consuming?  If it is full of sugar, each can may contain an average of 39g of sugar.

  • But if you are watching what you drink and are trying to stick to water, how about you weekend breakfast?  One of our staples, our much loved bacon, contains 30mg of cholesterol per ounce and almost 70% of its calories come from fat.

All that being said, just be aware of what you are consuming. Never treating yourself to that piece of cheesecake will likely lead to failure of any healthy diet - just know what you are consuming. Enjoy that candy, but don’t have the whole Hallowe’en bag tonight.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT