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Art at the Maryboro Lodge

Written by Beverly Jeeves

When visitors arrive at Maryboro Lodge – the Fenelon Museum this year, there are new exhibits and programs for all ages to enjoy. When you head down to 50 Oak St. you will see our brightly painted picnic tables under the Historic Burr Oak Trees, wicker chairs on the porch, patio doors open, a cup of tea/coffee ready, and you know you have found us!

This spring we opened an Art Exhibit showcasing three very strong women of Fenelon Falls who tell their stories through watercolours, sketching and sculpture.


In the “Langton Gallery” we are showcasing the digitized enlarged sketches of Anne Langton who was the original storyteller of this area and live in the bush.  In her Journal “An Gentlewomen in Upper Canada” and her miniature sketches, Miss Langton portrays life in the 1830s and 1840s here in Fenelon Falls.  

This past winter, Sharon Johnson of the Museum discovered and collected into an exhibit the paintings, poetry and sculpture of Katherine E. Wallis, daughter to James Wallis who built Maryboro in 1837. While Ms. Wallis did not live here in Fenelon she was very fond of the original Fenelon Falls settlers who appreciated her father in work and prayer. The Wallis Collection includes a Sculpture entitled “Jesus and the Little Children” which was a gift to St. James Anglican Church.

Modern Sculpture Artist Ruth Abernathy, who grew up here in Fenelon Falls, and was inspired by the museum for some of her pieces on display the Langton Gallery Ms. Abernathy, is world renown for her sculptures. Ms. Abernathy will be joining us at Maryboro on July 18th for Victorian Tea from 1:30 pm– 4:00 pm as her parents entertain for the Tea. Take a moment and talk to Ms. Abernathy to hear her inspirations and techniques for her small and ‘human size’ sculptures. 


Ms. Abernathy’s book “Life and Bronze: A Sculptor's Journal” is available at the Museum gift shop as well as Anne Langton’s “A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada.” 

The Fenelon Museum is also pleased to announce that later this summer, Gail Corbett who wrote the fascinating life story of art and service by Katherine E. Wallis will be at St. James Anglican Church for an afternoon Speaker Series.  The exhibit of these three women will be at the Museum until Thanksgiving.

And that is just ONE gallery of Maryboro Lodge – the Fenelon Museum that is new for 2018. Stay tuned for further news on “Tinker toys – Allen Wood Products Exhibit.” For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Beverly Jeeves, Manager at 705-887-1044 or