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Featured Event - Simcoe Day

Submitted by Michael Robson

Have you ever been told about how today is nothing like the “good old days”? This weekend, see for yourself by coming to Fenelon Falls Live’s Simcoe Day Weekend! From the Trent Severn Waterway Island to the Terrace Gardens, experience the world of the first Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, John Graves Simcoe.

The Trent Severn Waterway Island will be the main attraction for Simcoe Day and will be the grounds for historical reenactments and live music, featuring an 1812-era scrimmage reenactment. Walk through a War of 1812 battle camp and join in the preparations as both sides prepare for battle. Meet John Simcoe and learn about his feats as the first Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. There will be several reenactments throughout the day culminating in a performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture with Cannons.

Maryboro Lodge will be hosting the Settlers’ Experience and Kid Zone. People of all ages can enjoy going to Settlers’ School with Anne Langton or see some of Anne’s art on display. There will also be a refreshment centre and Tissue Paper Sun Catcher Craft.

After visiting the museum, you can make your way back along Water Street and spend time with several of the organizations and businesses who will be set up on Saturday. Participate in activities like Apple Pressing and Bee City or pick up free ice cream between 2 pm and 4 pm. The Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. will also be hosting a beer garden outside of their Water Street location for anyone who wants to try out their two new brews: the East Coast IPA and the Sparkling Ale.

There are even more activities to enjoy on Saturday, August 3rd including the KAIROS Blanket Exercise at the Terrace Gardens. The KAIROS exercise is a unique, participatory history lesson that encourages reconciliation between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples. Join the exercise to learn more about the experiences of Indigenous people throughout Canada’s history. The Terrace Gardens will also be hosting Spirit Bear Art Crafts and teaching people about Wampum Belts.

Last but certainly not least, there will be Reach into History - Story Telling and an Open Mic Stage at Market & Francis Street where visitors to Simcoe Day can learn more about the event and Lord Simcoe.

This weekend, there really will be something for everyone in Fenelon Falls. You will not want to miss your opportunity to live through history. We look forward to seeing you here!

Beat The Heat and Prostate Cancer at the 2019 Telus Watercraft Ride for Dad

Submitted by Michael Robson

Summer is in full swing and it has been hot here in Fenelon Falls. The sun and humidity have been perfect weather for water fun and this weekend, there is an event that helps you cool off and contribute to a good cause. 

This Saturday, the Fenelon Falls Marina will be hosting the 2019 Telus Watercraft Ride for Dad. The event will start at 1 pm at Fenelon Falls Marina and will take participants on a scavenger hunt on Cameron and Sturgeon Lakes. All pleasure craft are welcome and encouraged to join in the hunt. Upon completing the hunt, families may return to the Marina by 4 pm for a chance to win great prizes and enjoy dinner together at 5 pm.

Ride for Dad is a national mission to help end prostate cancer by supporting research and raising awareness. All across Canada, people are fundraising and participating in rides on ATVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, and Watercraft. The proceeds of each ride are donated to the Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation.

One in seven men in Canada will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Cancer does not just affect those individuals but also the people they love and those around them. The Watercraft Ride for Sight provides a way to help fight for a cure for prostate cancer to help those who are diagnosed and their friends and families while enjoying time together and having fun on the water. 

Come on out on Saturday to cool off and support a great cause. To pre-register, visit or email

Rotary's Contributions to Recreation and Youth in Fenelon

Submitted by Michael Robson

The Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls has always poised itself with an eye to the future. Over its 75 year history, this has meant the implementation and development of several youth initiatives to ensure that the future lies in capable hands. These initiatives have had a lasting impact on Fenelon Falls as well as the international community.

Fenelon Falls Rotary has been an integral part in the development of recreational infrastructure in Fenelon Falls. Their contributions have made it possible to build both arenas, the ball park and the splash pad. These areas unite Fenelon in play and bring families together to support their kids. From hockey tournaments to summer days spent splashing around; Fenelon Falls has reaped the benefits of Rotary’s dedication to recreation.

Recreation is not the only area where Rotary has given back to youth. The club partners with community groups to provide affordable meals to families in need. Rotary provides scholarships to students enrolled in Public and High School and has supported mental health services such as the Suicide Hotline to help prevent youth suicide.

Rotary’s dedication to youth extends beyond the borders of Fenelon Falls. The Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls has sponsored international exchange students that have created lasting friendships. Many sponsored students continue to return to Fenelon Falls and are lifelong friends with the Rotary members who hosted them. Some Rotary members have even been invited to weddings by their former sponsored students!

The Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls has also participated in many of Rotary International’s global initiatives. The Fenelon Falls Club helped to build a school in Cambodia and coordinated volunteers to go and teach at the school once the building was completed. The Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls has contributed to Rotary Internationals efforts to eradicate polio, a goal they have almost achieved. There are possibly only 14 known cases remaining in the world.

The organization does not like to dwell on past accomplishments but continues to ask themselves how they can make the world better. Whether it is within Fenelon Falls or around the world, the Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls continues to work towards a better future with today’s children at the helm.

Rotary Club Celebrates 75 Years of Community Involvement

Submitted by Michael Robson

On May 2nd, 2019, the Fenelon Falls chapter of Rotary International celebrated its 75th anniversary. The Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls held their first meeting on April 19th, 1944 at 6:45 pm and to this day, continue to meet every Thursday at the same time. This sense of tradition extends to the altruistic nature of the Rotary Club and their dedication to the community.

The Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls first introduced itself to the town by hosting the Fenelon’s first ever skating carnival on February 2nd, 1944. Just as the club has evolved over its 75 years, so has their winter event. From the skating carnival to the Fenelon Winter Games to the Kawartha Snowshoe event, Fenelon Falls Rotary has continued to engage with the community and bring some light to the town during the darkest months of the year.

The Club has spent much of its 75 years improving the lives of youth in Fenelon Falls. The Fenelon Falls Rotary has supported the construction of both arenas, Russ Baptiste Park, and Garnet Graham Park. The Rotary was a driving force in the construction of the Fenelon Falls splash pad and this fall they are looking to rebuild the Munchie Hut and change rooms to serve splash pad users.

The Rotary Club is the proud sponsor of the Kawartha Lakes Adopt-a-Road program. Twice a year the members come together to clean the roads from Fenelon Marina to Highway 35. This year’s spring clean-up cleared the roads of 700 pounds of trash in their first weekend and they are going back for more!

The Rotary Club continues to meet every Thursday at 6:45 pm in the Fenelon Falls Community Centre and they encourage anyone who is interested to come out and see what the organization is about and make friends for life.