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Let’s Dance…

Written by Marina Hodson

I was recently asked to join friends at the Kinmount Highland Games and was thrilled to see the dancing, pipes and drums and various Scottish activities.  It was reminiscent of attending the Military Tattoo as a child. But the most amazing thing to behold was the opportunity the event provided for families to interact and join in common interests.

One young family had set up their own informal picnic area, unlike many of the very professional looking tented sections set out by parents who appeared to come well prepared for attending such events all across the Province. Unlike the others, this family had no tent, no clothing racks and portable change rooms. Instead, they had a blanket, and three siblings proudly supporting their sister in the competition. Except the youngest, who appeared more concerned with her wet diaper than her sister’s dancing, parents and siblings alike were transfixed by the performance on stage and while no trophy was won, an incredible family memory was created.

The absolute highlight for me was the “Mom and Dad Fling”. For those of you not familiar with the Fling, it is one of the staples of Highland Dance, but while the general competitors were generally under 18, this event provided an opportunity for the parents to take the stage. Divided into two groups, moms and dads, they came on to great support and fanfare from their kids who had taken seats front-row centre for this event. To the familiar tune of the pipes, parents now emulated what they had been supporting their daughters in pursuing at events and competitions across the region. I was particularly impressed with one father who must either have been a competitor in his youth or had received extensive tutoring from his girls. Another confidently beamed at the daughter who moments before had been giving dad lessons off stage with some frustration.

On a whole, the entire day reiterated how important it is to spend time with family and friends enjoying the great outdoors, beautiful music and most importantly – each other. So find a reason to spend some time with the ones you love and create some memories.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT