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KLCFDC to Host Meet & Greet in Fenelon Falls

The Board of Directors of the Kawartha Lakes Community Futures Development Corporation (KLCFDC) will be having a Meet & Greet on April 17th at Home by Tim + Chris on Colborne Street.

Fenelon Falls Chamber of Commerce President Tim Wisener will co-host the event along with the KLCFDC’s Board Chair, Paul Reeds.

The CFDC has provided support to numerous Fenelon Falls and area projects over the years including dock extensions at the locks, the revitalization of the Fenelon Falls Marquee, updates to Garnet Graham Park, the Rotary Club Splashpad and the Fenelon Falls Chamber’s “More Ways to Have Fun” tourism campaign. They have also supported private businesses such as the Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. and the Peter Shennett Professional Corporation.

“This is an organization that has continuously seen its way to assist so many community-based and private ventures over many, many years,” President Wisener said. “It will be great to talk first-hand to these folks who have provided so much to our community and others across the Kawartha Lakes and let’s remember, they are all volunteers!,” he added.

The doors will open at 3:15 pm at 44 Colborne Street and there will be light refreshments served. Everyone is welcome but if you are interested please call Marylee at the Chamber, 705-887-3409 so that she can help track the numbers expected to attend.