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New Signage in Rosedale

Submitted by Barb Young for Residents of Rosedale (ROR)

The Residents of Rosedale (ROR) are very pleased to announce that we have finally received our new boundary signs which were installed on Highway 35 at the north and south ends of town earlier this month. Obtaining the signs involved lengthy negotiations between the Community, the City of Kawartha Lakes, and the MTO.

We were able to get signs from MTO from a limited number of formats, so we came up with a number of ideas and surveyed the community to get the most popular opinion of what would be best. This was submitted to the City of Kawartha Lakes and MTO and after some minor alterations, the City of Kawartha Lakes approved our design and sent it to MTO in the spring of this year with the go-ahead for it to be installed.

We think they're quite attractive and hope you'll come out to Rosedale to admire them and enjoy our parkette.