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[Sponsored] Enbridge Gas Construction Update

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Enbridge Gas construction update: what’s new on the construction front this winter?

With a true Canadian winter in full swing, the very first Enbridge customers in Fenelon Falls have had a couple of months to put their new natural gas furnaces to the test and are beginning to see the savings. Work is also wrapping up on Bond St W., and then construction will take a short break until April.

The Enbridge office will remain open for customers to come in and ask questions about the project and to sign up for a natural gas service. The other option is to make an appointment with an Enbridge advisor who can meet you at your home or at the store, the number to call is 1-888-427-8888.

By the end of the month, Enbridge will have installed over 31 km of pipeline (starting at Taylors Road,) as well as close to half a kilometer of pipeline beneath the Fenelon River.

When work resumes, Enbridge will focus on completing the distribution system on both the south and north sides of the river, along with the installation of the service lines to the customers that have completed a gas application. It is anticipated that the entire expansion project will be complete by the end of the year.

New customers and what they’re asking

The first natural gas customers have started receiving their bills and there has been much talk in the community and in social media recently regarding the System Expansion Surcharge (SES). It is being applied to customers connected in system expansion areas, such as Fenelon Falls, Cambray and Cameron SES of $0.23 per cubic meter is applied and listed as a separate charge on the bill.

ENB 017 Fenelon Falls Infographic_final.png

Any new community expansion project must go through a review process with the Ontario Energy Board, and it determines whether or not the project can proceed based on projected costs and projected revenues. The Fenelon Falls project was approved because the SES provides the additional revenue required over time to make the project economically possible – without it, natural gas expansion to Fenelon Falls, Cambray and Cameron would not have been possible.

It is estimated that the SES will amount to $550 a year for a typical customer, but will vary based on natural gas use. This means that it will increase and decrease based on your volume, and will be higher during the winter months. Residential customers can also choose the Budget Billing Plan where the estimated annual cost can be spread out over the year and adjusted once a year based on actual use.

As with any project, there will be instances where it will not make sense to convert. For example, conversion costs can exceed expected savings or the seasonal nature of a property would keep natural gas use so low that it won’t generate lower energy bills. However, most new natural gas customers can expect to see savings in the range of $500 to $1400 annually, even with the surcharge.

Pop in to the store or call with your questions to see if, and how, you can lower your energy bills with natural gas.