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Call for Submissions

2019 is officially here, and we’d love to hear from you! Our community newsletter, the Town Crier, is released every Thursday at 6 pm. Here are a few different ways you can help us highlight our beautiful town and community:

submit an event

Photo credit: Baddow Road Photography

Photo credit: Baddow Road Photography


We welcome submissions for local events and activities to In order to have your event added to our community calendar, please ensure that your submission includes the following: an event title, approximate start and end times, a description, and contact information. You are also welcome to submit an event poster which we will include in our weekly poster pack.

Want greater coverage for your event? We also offer sponsored placement in the Town Crier and on our social media for $25/week for a small spot (300 pixels wide by a max of 300 pixels tall) or $50/week for a large spot (600 pixels wide by a max of 600 pixels tall).

submit an article


We welcome article submissions with a goal of informing, inspiring, or intriguing our local Fenelon Falls community and the many visitors to our town that subscribe to stay up to date on what’s happening in our community. Some of our most read articles in 2018 ranged from shared special memories and charitable endeavours to community updates and recaps of local events. You are also welcome to include pictures with your written submissions, however if you don’t have any pictures on hand, we will help curate an image that aligns with the theme of your submission. Not sure if we’d accept your article? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have!

Did you know that by submitting an article, you are eligible to receive 2 entries into our monthly contest? To enter, simply include the subject line: Contest Entry in your submission and we’ll include you in our monthly draw for $50 or a special prize (prize may vary).

submit a photo

Submitted by Gerda Weilandt

Submitted by Gerda Weilandt


One of the most popular submissions we are always excited to receive are photo submissions. For a higher chance of being featured in the Town Crier, please ensure that you are submitting high resolution pictures within Fenelon Falls or the surrounding area. We especially love to see pictures of nature, wildlife, memories or community events.

When you submit a photo, you are also eligible to receive 1 entry into our monthly contest. To enter, simply include the subject line: Contest Entry in your submission and we’ll include you in our monthly draw for $50 or a special prize (prize may vary). This means that you have the opportunity to have up to 3 entries in each month’s draw (2 entries for an article plus 1 for a photo).

An Early Retirement

Submitted by Loretta Dury

Just read through your Town Crier, which I enjoy. We as well have a home away from home, however, Fenelon will be our permanent home within a year. My husband and I are planning to take an early retirement. We have loved coming up to this jewel for the past 2 years on weekends and holidays. The people we meet are so friendly and kind. There are always events happening. Our friends that visit us are amazed by the beauty and how much there is to do in Fenelon. We can’t wait to bring them to the newest addition - the new [Marquee] sign by the locks.  I couldn’t wait to get a picture of my daughter and her dog there. 

Here are a couple pics I love: 

Letter from the Editor — August 16th, 2018

You may be thinking, wait a sec - didn't I just receive a Town Crier newsletter just last week?? And you'd be right! We have decided to update the frequency of the Town Crier to once a week, in order to keep the news brief and digestible, and to keep everyone informed on the most current events happening in our little community.

As always, if you have an event, photo, or local interest story that you think would be a great fit for the Town Crier, share it with us:

As this summer winds toward a close, remember not to take these days for granted: grab a frozen yogurt or ice cream cone, watch the locks, and catch one of our beautiful sunsets over Cameron Lake. In February we will be missing these hot and humid days!


Letter from the Editor - July 12th, 2018

We are in the thick of summertime now, with one heatwave behind us and likely a few more ahead of us!

Keep cool this summer with trips to the beach and splash pad, and grab a frozen yogurt at the Country Cupboard or a cone at Slices n' Scoops.

We are growing this little newsletter again - be sure to check out the new sections "Art Space" and "Green Scene" for more great info on whats happening around Fenelon Falls.

If you have a story or know of a resident you think should be featured in the Town Crier, reach out to us! Send your photos and story ideas to to contribute to your community newsletter.

If you have any innovative ways to beat the heat this summer, please share your tips with us, and don't forget to wear your sunscreen!