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Featured Event - Simcoe Day

Submitted by Michael Robson

Have you ever been told about how today is nothing like the “good old days”? This weekend, see for yourself by coming to Fenelon Falls Live’s Simcoe Day Weekend! From the Trent Severn Waterway Island to the Terrace Gardens, experience the world of the first Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, John Graves Simcoe.

The Trent Severn Waterway Island will be the main attraction for Simcoe Day and will be the grounds for historical reenactments and live music, featuring an 1812-era scrimmage reenactment. Walk through a War of 1812 battle camp and join in the preparations as both sides prepare for battle. Meet John Simcoe and learn about his feats as the first Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. There will be several reenactments throughout the day culminating in a performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture with Cannons.

Maryboro Lodge will be hosting the Settlers’ Experience and Kid Zone. People of all ages can enjoy going to Settlers’ School with Anne Langton or see some of Anne’s art on display. There will also be a refreshment centre and Tissue Paper Sun Catcher Craft.

After visiting the museum, you can make your way back along Water Street and spend time with several of the organizations and businesses who will be set up on Saturday. Participate in activities like Apple Pressing and Bee City or pick up free ice cream between 2 pm and 4 pm. The Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. will also be hosting a beer garden outside of their Water Street location for anyone who wants to try out their two new brews: the East Coast IPA and the Sparkling Ale.

There are even more activities to enjoy on Saturday, August 3rd including the KAIROS Blanket Exercise at the Terrace Gardens. The KAIROS exercise is a unique, participatory history lesson that encourages reconciliation between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples. Join the exercise to learn more about the experiences of Indigenous people throughout Canada’s history. The Terrace Gardens will also be hosting Spirit Bear Art Crafts and teaching people about Wampum Belts.

Last but certainly not least, there will be Reach into History - Story Telling and an Open Mic Stage at Market & Francis Street where visitors to Simcoe Day can learn more about the event and Lord Simcoe.

This weekend, there really will be something for everyone in Fenelon Falls. You will not want to miss your opportunity to live through history. We look forward to seeing you here!

Introducing the Trent Severn Waterway's "Trail Town" Program

Kawarthas Northumberland invites local businesses to be involved in Canada’s first ever waterway “Trail Town” program, featuring the Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada as the trail. Similar programs elsewhere have created trail-friendly towns that successfully entice trail tourists into local business districts, generating millions of dollars in sustainable economic growth for small businesses.

“Benefits for participating businesses include the opportunity to increase revenue by engaging relatively low- impact trail visitors,” said Brenda Wood, Executive Director for Kawarthas Northumberland. “Participating businesses receive guidance on how to better serve paddlers, boaters, and land-trail users who seek to enjoy areas within two kilometers of the Trent-Severn Waterway. We provide a kit that includes trail information and history as well as a decal for their window, and an opportunity to participate in related retail promotions and tourism marketing as a Trail-Friendly business.”

Thus far, the communities of Campbellford, Hastings, Lakefield, Buckhorn, Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Coboconk, Rosedale and Kirkfield have confirmed interest in becoming designated as Trent-Severn Trail Towns. Businesses within these communities can apply for “Trent-Severn Trail Friendly” designation. The program is voluntary and has criteria, including that staff be familiar with the waterway, provide friendly customer service, be knowledgeable of other businesses along the waterway, and maintain trail-friendly information. The program is intended to help local businesses serve trail users and to encourage trail users to patronize the businesses that participate. There is no cost for businesses to participate.

Interested businesses can contact for an application. The local contact for Fenelon Falls area businesses is the Chamber Office: 705-887-3409 or

Improvements to the TSW Fenelon Site

Submitted by Chris Appleton

Many will have noticed that the Trent-Severn Waterway (TSW) has been very active on the Fenelon site over the 2017/2018 season. Both sets of lock doors have been rehabilitated and painted, and the canal operations are in great shape. With the recent improvements to the upper reach dockage, boaters now have a first class facility at their disposal.

The TSW has also been active elsewhere on the site. Senior TSW staff met with community volunteers to review the condition of the property, and action was initiated, including the following:

  • The concrete sidewalk in the lower gorge have been repaired, and the flatlands re-

landscaped for better public use.

  • The south gorge wall adjacent to the Perch Restaurant parking lot has been reinforced, and the old fencing replaced with galvanized steel.

  • The wooden floor of the falls-viewing platform has been replaced, and improved handrails are being installed.

  • All of the old chain link fencing has been upgraded to galvanized steel.

  • The east concrete steps to the pedestrian underpass have been repaired, and new handrails installed.

  • The road in front of the former Stokes store on the north side of the canal has been repaired.

  • The old guardrail along the west side of the road in front of the lock control hut has been replaced by fresh posts, with easier pedestrian access.

  • Two marker buoys mark the entrance to the site driveway.

  • A rental bike-share program has been installed.

All in all, a very active year for site improvements, and the property is looking much better.

The TSW has also been cooperating with community groups to support local initiatives. For example, the Horticultural Society continues to add and maintain beautiful gardens on site. Butterfly benches abound. Simcoe Day was a huge success. Senior TSW officials have been very responsive to local concerns, and there is a good working relationship with community volunteers.

In the future, there is great interest in further site development. The TSW intends to consult with the community when site planning gets underway, hopefully in 2019. Making this property even more valuable and accessible for Fenelon Falls residents and visitors can only enhance its importance as a central feature in town. In conjunction with the initiatives being undertaken in connection with the Downtown Revitalization Program, and with the many individual efforts from local businesses and volunteer groups, Fenelon is indeed experiencing a positive revival.

Let’s keep up the momentum in 2019 and beyond.

Fenelon Falls Bikeshare Launch

There will be an official launch of bikeshare on Friday, September 14 at 2pm with a ceremonial bike ride around downtown Fenelon Falls beginning at the TSW waterway. Bikers are invited to participate!

Kawartha Works Community Co-operative (KWCC) is pleased to announce that a 10 bike rental station has been built in Fenelon Falls. “We now have bikes available in Fenelon Falls as well as Bobcaygeon for tourists and residents to get around and explore the towns and trails” says Jim
Armstrong, Chair of KWCC.


Funding from Ontario regional tourism (RTO8) and a sponsorship agreement with Enbridge Gas have made the bike rental in Fenelon Falls possible.

Other partners in the Fenelon Falls project include:

  • Trent-Severn Waterway providing the site for the bikes by the locks
  • City of Kawartha Lakes assisting in planning of the initiative
  • Spokes for Folks servicing the bikes

Kawartha Works Community Co-operative was established in 2015 to enable the development of community improvements by sharing costs and resources on a not for profit basis. In addition to the bikeshare service, KWCC includes the following initiatives:

  • Fenelon Forward—community consultation and advocacy for improvements in Fenelon Falls
  • Fenelon Housing Partners—development of supportive and affordable housing
  • Fenelon Live!—presenting live artistic performances, promote music appreciation; last month initiated Simcoe Day celebration in Fenelon Falls
  • Friends of Lock 34—working with Trent-Severn Waterway for improvements around the lock in Fenelon Falls
  • Impact 32—community-based initiatives to drive year-round economic development in Bobcaygeon
  • Snowshoe Kawartha—annual snowshoe race and winter festival

For additional information: Jim Armstrong,, 705-887-9755