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Rising Star in Ultra-Running Hails from Fenelon

Born and raised in Fenelon Falls, Sam Dickie has since moved out west to Banff to pursue outdoor adventures and challenges.

Last year, many of us in town were introduced to Sam through Films by the Falls when they showed a short film, “Running the Rockies,” which he made of himself and a friend summiting Lady MacDonald mountain in Canmore - in the winter. The film featured Sam trail running in snowy conditions, tense ice climbing footage to reach the peak, and rewarded the audience with breathtaking Rocky Mountain vistas.

The film demonstrated that Sam likes to push boundaries, and this past summer was no exception, as Sam decided to take up ultra-running. Ultra-running is characterized as any race lasting longer than the traditional marathon distance of 42 km, and Sam burst onto the scene by winning 1st place in two different ultra-races: Edmonton’s 100 km River Valley Revenge race in June, and the 120 km Golden Ultra in Golden, BC this past September.

These are no regular road races; Sam ran the 120 km Golden Ultra marathon in 12 hours and 37 minutes, with an elevation gain of 5,000 metres. That’s right - Sam is running these long distances in the mountains.

Sam credits growing up in Fenelon Falls for sparking his thirst for outdoor adventure: “Living in such a cool town surrounded by forests and lakes and nature gave me the inspiration to get out there and explore as much as possible.” Congratulations to Sam Dickie for these amazing accomplishments!