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Dirt-Free Gardening

Submitted by Marina Hodson

It would not be spring if I did not write at least once about gardening, but what about those of you who don’t have a green thumb or simply are unable to get out and get dirty? Don’t despair, gardening is still for you.

Whether you lack the interest, aptitude, or option to actually garden, it can still be a way to get outside and get involved. This time of year, options for gardening-related activities abound. Why not attend one of the many local plant sales, for example? Even if you have no intention to buy, similar to attending a yard sale, plant sales can simply be a fun morning out and a way to make some new acquaintances. Many of the plant sales are run by the volunteers of your local Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society and going to check out some of their meetings can be sociable and informative regardless of whether you choose to put your new knowledge into action. 

Looking for something on a bigger scale? While you have missed your opportunity for this year, why not check out Canada Blooms in 2020? Hosted in Toronto early each year, it is Canada’s largest garden and flower show and sure to put you in the mood for spring.  Of course, if you don’t want to wait until next year, you can always opt for one of Ontario’s Botanical Gardens or experience the splendour of Ottawa’s tulip festival, one of the largest displays of tulips in the world.

So whether you like to get dirty or not, take the time to stop and smell the roses. There is more to gardening than meets the eye.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

Finding Hidden Treasure...

Submitted by Marina Hodson

As spring continues to evade us, you may be trying to find reasons to venture outside for some fun and activity. Well the search is over, or just beginning if you try geocaching!

If you have ever driven through Highlands East in Haliburton around the area of Wilberforce, you may have seen the signs advertising the “Geocaching Capital of the World.” Don’t be fooled into thinking this is merely a tourism ploy - Highlands East is in fact rated as one of the top geocaching destinations in the world. Whilst I have to confess that I do not know what the criteria are that would add you to the list, I do nonetheless find it intriguing.

If you are not yet familiar with geocaching, it is the outdoor recreational activity of searching for and, ideally, finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website. Yes, it is a good old fashioned treasure hunt. With smart phones a common accessory, most of us have access to GPS (global positioning systems) at our fingertips and with a little bit of practice, you too can be a treasure hunter. You will definitely not get rich, as you will be leaving the treasure for the next seeker, so the joy is in the find. I guess it’s a little like catch-and-release fishing.

So, why not try an activity that you can do with the whole family or set up a little competition with your friends as a way to get outside and active?

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

Mourning Winter...

Submitted by Marina Hodson


As we approach the spring Equinox I enter stores to the Canadian salute of “I am so ready for this snow to be gone”.

I have to say, I probably am too. I have my first seeds sprouting in my living room and the snow is collected in ugly black piles in parking lots, but there is a part of me that mourns the departure of the season. I shall miss the sparkling “diamonds” of the early morning snow fall, the wonder of the snowmobile ride and the ability to assess my animal companions by the prints in the snow by my door each morning.

 So as one season departs, let us embrace the joy of spring! Put on your walking shoes and enjoy the feel of grass and pavement without the fear of falling as we await the first blooms. For me, it means a transition from my basement treadmill back to nature, and while I will miss the beauty of the sparkling snow banks, I will embrace the brown and grey surroundings as I transition. My heart beats in anticipation for gardening and healthy outdoor living as we move to the beauty of the greenery.

I know this is a difficult time in Central Ontario, but enjoy the anticipation and move back to the outdoors to stay active as we see the colours return. 

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

Canada US Walleye Tournament Press Release

Press release submitted by Christine Whelan

Bobcaygeon, Ontario – Thursday, March 7, 2019, The Bobcaygeon & Area Chamber of Commerce announced today they have partnered with the Competitive Sport Fishing League (CSFL) in an effort to preserve, manage and develop the growth of the future of the oldest Walleye Tournament in the Province of Ontario, the Canada US Walleye Tournament celebrating its 39th year.

The Village of Bobcaygeon has been home to the Canada US Walleye Tournament for over 38 years, an event that attracts competitors from both sides of the border, and will be celebrating its 39th year.  2019 will see many changes from previous years as this transitioning year will set the stage for 2020 and hopefully for another 40 years as the event continues to soar and the changes being implemented will keep the resource the first priority in bettering the Canada US Walleye Tournament for many years to come.   

Andrew Pallotta of the CSFL, who will also be acting as Tournament Director for this event, stated “The CSFL is pleased and excited to be a part of this event and bring our expertise of fish care to meet the modern day concerns that evolve around tournaments.”  Andrew Pallotta goes on to say “I can assure this community that with this partnership, together we will continue to do all the right things and maintain the integrity of this incredible supported home town community event."

 The CSFL has issued an update for the participants of the event and is noted below.

 Please note the following:

A full copy of the rules and new registration form can be found on the Bobcaygeon & Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and on website. 

This year the Canada US Walleye Tournament will be taking place on May 18 & 19 out of Beach Park.  This date change should allow for cooler water temps, and the venue change will allow for more oxygenated, clear moving water which together will help with better fish care.

The orientation meeting will be taking place at the Bobcaygeon Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 239, 96 King St. East, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0 and will commence at 5pm. The Legion will be putting on a BBQ starting at 5pm.

Please note, the cut off for 2019 entry refund is March 15, 2019.  Field size has been restricted to a maximum of 120 teams. Please contact the Bobcaygeon & Area Chamber of Commerce should you wish to be added to the waiting list, which will open on March 16, 2019.

Blast off is set for 6:00 am or safe light with weigh-in starting at 2:00 pm. Only the first place position is reserved for last year’s winners. All other positions will be subject to live draw at the orientation meeting with each heat consisting of 40 teams with 15 minutes between heats starting at 6:00 am, 6:15 am and 6:30 am which will be added back at the end of the day starting at 2:00 pm, 2:15 pm and 2:30 pm. Start positions for Day 2 will be based on your finish position on Day 1.

Pre-fishing ends on Friday, May 17th at 3:00 pm.  All teams must be within 50 yards of the ramp and off plane or tied to dock for the night. Be sure to advise the Tournament Director should you be leaving your boat in the water overnight.

There are three off limit areas, from Lindsay to the Red Buoy Marker CP50 - across from Alpine RV Resort, Emily Creek and Little Bob Channel East of County 24 bridges are off limits.   

New pay structure reflects 100% payback of all entries of 120 teams.

The Bobcaygeon Canada US Walleye Tournament,

Make It Your Tradition Too!

The CSFL is a recognized leader in the sport fishing industry with over 40 annual tournaments across Southern, Central and Eastern Ontario and have successfully run and operated well over 700 events to date. The CSFL utilizes an in water weigh in system developed through Queens University. Using the technology of properly regulated aerated tanks, water weigh-in scales and state of the art live release boats enables the safe return of the resource to ensure the future of the sport.  The CSFL has a tournament category to meet your needs. With great companies like Lund Boats, Mercury Marine, Berkley, Abu Garcia, MinnKota, Humminbird, Spring Fishing & Boat Show, Kawartha Sportsmen Show and Northstar Marine Insurance behind it, the CSFL is able to provide its customers, spectators, and supporters direct delivery of product knowledge, fishing techniques, and an exciting weigh in show to feast the eyes.  More reasons that keep the CSFL the first choice of tournaments. 

Don’t just watch us grow, come grow with us!

Active Again

The Kawartha Lakes Sport and Recreation Council (KLSRC) is excited to be able to offer new recreation opportunities to Kawartha Lakes residents in 2019!

In this program, participants will have the opportunity to try various recreation activities in a comfortable environment with other participants also interested in a modified option. All activities in this session will take place in Fenelon Falls.

The emphasis is on trying something new, or revisiting a previously enjoyed activity, modified to participants’ current ability level, all while having fun and enjoying some social interaction. It’s a great opportunity to learn some new skills and build confidence in a multi-activity setting. In partnership with community recreation providers, this program has been designed to give you the chance to find an activity that will motivate you to be Active Again.

These activities, modified through the use of different rules or adaptive equipment, will be of special interest to older adults, persons with disabilities, or adults who are getting active again.

Interested participants can register by visiting For more information, contact or call 705 324 4493 extension 237.

The event dates for Curling are as follows:

Sundays: March 3, 10, 17, 24 @ 1:30-3

Tuesdays: March 5, 12, 19, 26 @ 1:30-3

Anyone interested in being a volunteer instructor for one day or the entire program please contact Grant Allman at (705)887-1757. 

Active Again_Adaptive Recreation Pilot Program 2019.png
Have a Heart...

Submitted by Marina Hodson

February is obviously known for hearts related to Valentine’s Day, but it is also heart month for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

I have recently been thinking about heart health as my husband is trying to address his high blood pressure and it certainly brings home the reality of looking after our hearts. Being in his 40’s and exercising regularly, we felt assured that such things as high blood pressure were on the worry list for our neighbours not us, but lo and behold – not so.

Following a visit for an unrelated health check, a reading of 185 over 80 brought things into instant focus and made me re-evaluate how we eat and in particular how much caffeine and sodium we consume. We are already active and at a healthy weight, both important contributing factors, and his age and gender are strikes against his blood pressure outside of my influence so that left limited control for me. 

First off, I am NOT his doctor, so I told him to go see him instead. I may work for a health care facility, but at the end of the day, this may require medication and that is outside of my purview. What I am, however, is the cook in the house. So I did review what we eat and overall we eat very healthy, but whilst I don’t have a sweet tooth, I like my salt. So that was the main adjustment. Of course in your home, make sure you limit fried and fatty foods, get your fruits and vegetables and then like myself, assess your sodium. I think the most eye opening was the unknown sodium consumption. I already tried to limit how much salt I used in my cooking, but on looking at things like the stock and sauces I use, it started to add up quickly.

So start by checking your blood pressure to assess your heart health and make sure you are looking after yourself and your loved ones.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

Kawartha Lakes Snowmobile Club Fun Ride Another Success Story

Submitted by Liz Phillips

On a picture perfect day, with sun shining and trails so awesome riders had the best ride of the season. Riders travelled through the scenic Kawartha Lakes Snowmobile Club (KLSC) trails stopping at 7 checkpoints and ended at the Finale at the Burnt River Community Centre for 3:00 pm.

KLSC is celebrating their 40th year Anniversary and donated $3000 in total for the Breakfast Club Programs of 3 Elementary Schools, Fenelon, Cameron & Coboconk.

Doug Elmslie and Emmett Yeo joined the KLSC Finale and presented KLSC with a Recognition Award from the Fenelon Winter Festival for their Volunteer Support for the last 3 years.

Dawn Sudsbury, Principal of Langton P.S. was also on hand to accept the donation for their school. There were prizes for each rider and super Raffle Prizes & Silent Auction Prices from generous business donations from Lindsay, Ajax, Whitby, Fenelon, Coboconk & Norland. View the Fun Ride Album on Facebook.

It's Sneezin' Season...

Submitted by Marina Hodson

This past Christmas, my husband had the flu for the first time in his life. Both of us tend to be healthy and rarely catch any of the bugs going around, so it came as such a shock to him that he would barely believe it was “just the flu” as he was quite certain it was far more serious and likely life-threatening.

While it completely knocked him out of commission for several days, he is fortunate in that he does not have a compromised immune system, is in his 40s and has no other illnesses. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. In Canada the flu leads to approximately 12,000 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths each year.  Particularly at risk are young children and adults over 65, so protect yourself and those around you.

  • First and foremost – wash your hands thoroughly and frequently! Good hand hygiene is the number one way to protect against both flu and colds.

  • Of course you should get your flu shot every year as it has been proven to reduce your likely hood of getting ill. As the flu virus is different every year, it is important to have the shot annually for your best chance of protecting against the current strain.

  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze using a tissue or your upper sleeve. 

  • And disinfect common surfaces such as keyboards, phones and door handles which may be touched frequently and by different people.

So protect yourself from the flu this season, but if you are one of the unfortunate ones to come down with it, remember to stay home to limit exposure to others and get plenty of rest and fluids.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

2019 Snowshoe Course Challenges College Champions

Submitted by Wayne Jolly

The Fenelon Falls Winter Festival 5K/10K snowshoe course was set to challenge the best in the province, providing vertical challenges unusual in snowshoe competition in Central Ontario, combined with single-track sections that challenged agility and speed. For the first time Sir Sanford Fleming College brought three Cross Country team members, including their Canadian 3K Obstacle Course Champion Andy Hein.

The competition this year was won by Luca Senk of Collingwood with a time of 45:15:78 followed by Bernie Hogan of Bancroft in a time of 49:34:72. In the Women's race Kelly Doner of Collingwood winning with a time of 1:19:04, followed by a member of the Fenelon Falls Flyers running club Elizabeth McKinnon of Lindsay in a time of 1:40:14.

Photo by Marylee Boston

Photo by Marylee Boston

5K and 10K Snowshoe Racers traveled from Collingwood, Elliot Lake, Kingston, London, and Ottawa to compete in the Provincial Championships in Fenelon Falls. Interestingly, 90% of the 10K and 50% of the 5K athletes traveled from outside the City of Kawartha Lakes for the Snowshoe Canada “Ontario Cup Series” which is a new benchmark.

Amazingly, the Women’s Super Master age category, composed mostly by Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon athletes was the most competitive field with 17 participants. Clearly the girls were out to “Kick It” and they did. Congratulations And a special Thank You to all of the volunteers who through their efforts made the Fenelon Falls Winter Festival a special day.

Where's the Beef?

Submitted by Marina Hodson


On Tuesday, Canada revealed its most recent edition of Canada’s Food Guide.  The first iteration, called “The Official Food Rules,” was introduced in July of 1942 in an attempt to mitigate nutritional deficiencies during wartime food rationing.

Over the years, the “Food Guide” has formed the basis of many Canadians’ nutritional knowledge, basing their healthy eating on the four food groups. Unfortunately, recent interviews by CBC showed that many Canadians have never heard of it, leaving me to question how valuable was the guide and what impact, if any, will it continue to have.

In my personal life, while I have not always followed it to the letter, it has definitely been the basis of what I consider to be a healthy diet. Certainly, the new pictorial provides a quick glance reference to remind us that our healthy diet should include a variety of fruits and vegetables which should ideally constitute 50% of our meal. Gone are milk and milk products as well as meat and alternatives from the 2007 edition, having been replaced by “Protein Foods.”

Additionally, what has been added and what dietitians and nutritionists will find heartening, is very basic and common sense eating advice such as drinking water, cooking more frequently, and sharing meals with loved ones. 

So why not take this opportunity to restart your healthy habits for the new year using Canada’s Food Guide as inspiration?

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT