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Photo Round Up - October 17

Every week, we share a photo round up of photos that were submitted to us.

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Shop local this Thanksgiving

This weekend, many of our local shops and merchants are showing their thankfulness by offering special sales and events to help you celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends in beautiful Fenelon Falls. Here are just some of the sales and events you will find in town this weekend:

The Fenelon Lakes Club will be giving away biodegradable leaf collection bags (one package per family) at our Presentation Centre, 10 Colborne Street, on Saturday morning beginning at 10 am.

The folks at Curious Bear Marketplace on Hwy 35 will be holding a clearance sale on their summer stock, with 40-50% off giftware and water toys, as well as a Thanksgiving Wax Warmer sale: purchase a wax warmer and get 2 wax melts for free.

If you want to unwind by working on your golf game, Sturgeon Point Golf Club is offering $20 greens fees for walking (carts not included), as well as unlimited play. Tee times can be booked online at or by calling (705)887-3144.

The Butterfly Boutique is having a Give Thanks Sale this weekend... No tax, $15 Fashion Gloves, $15 Mini Blanket Scarves $25 Blanket Scarves a 50% Off Sale Room. To Give back to our community this holiday weekend, The Butterfly Boutique will have a Food Bank Drop Box and will be giving away a free gift with every donation of a non-perishable food item.

There is still room at Murphy’s Lockside Pub and Patio for their annual “Murphy’s Gives Thanks” FREE Thanksgiving meal this Sunday, October 13 from noon until 4:00 pm. If you know someone who would welcome a free meal this Thanksgiving, please spread the word!

The Barn & Bunkie is hosting Handmade Harvest on Saturday featuring the handmade goods from local vendors and artisans, including a marshmallow roast and Harvest Photo Opp.

Grab some long weekend reading material at The Book Lady where all books are “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” on Saturday and Sunday, and lots of hardcovers have been marked down to $2 for clearance.

Water Street Clothesline is hosting another Pop-Up Shop this weekend, featuring local vendors and as always you can grab a sweatshirt or hoodie to represent your favourite local spots.

This Saturday, Maryboro Lodge: The Fenelon Museum presents Harvest Happenings, an event for all ages featuring the piano music of Don Deathe, who will be joined by Anne Langton (portrayed by Barbara Dunn-Prosser) to celebrate a 19th-century pioneer Thanksgiving. Drop by the museum to check it out!

Photo Round Up - October 10

Every week, we share a photo round up of photos that were submitted to us.

We’ll select our favourite as that week’s feature photo.

Let us know which pictures you love and why in the comments!

Have a Heart...

Submitted by Marina Hodson

Do you know the leading cause of premature death in women? You would be forgiven for thinking it may be cancer-related, but it is actually heart disease. In fact, women are five times more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer.

Whilst long accepted as a largely male concern, one woman dies every 20 minutes in Canada according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and while men face a greater risk of heart disease at a younger age, women are more likely to die. This may come as a shock to anyone who assumes that Canada’s healthcare system is universal but in fact that is the issue. One size does NOT fit all when it comes to heart disease.

Issues start with diagnosis, continue through recognizing heart attacks and even in treatment modalities. Common diagnostics like the stress test for cardiac output, for example, have been shown to be far less sensitive for women than men and even more so in younger women. During a heart attack, women often experience symptoms differently than men and therefore ignore many of them. Common ones described by women and unrelated to chest pain include:

·        Neck, jaw, shoulder, upper back or abdominal discomfort

·        Shortness of breath

·        Pain in one or both arms

·        Nausea or vomiting

·        Sweating

·        Light-headedness or dizziness

·        Unusual fatigue

·        Indigestion

As many of these symptoms may be attributed to influenza or “general malaise” they are often ignored and women tend to show up in emergency rooms or doctors’ offices long after heart damage has occurred or seek no treatment at all. Even once diagnosed, many of the standard treatments have been found to be less beneficial for women and they are referred less often for cardiac rehabilitation than men and are less likely to complete rehab if they are referred.

So we must take matters into our own hands to protect ourselves and our loved ones through education on the risks and symptoms and not ignoring the early warning signs. For more information, visit

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

Photo Round Up - October 3

Every week, we share a photo round up of photos that were submitted to us.

We’ll select our favourite as that week’s feature photo.

Let us know which pictures you love and why in the comments!

The Curling Club a Happening Place in Fenelon Falls

Submitted by Ian Hackett on behalf of the Curling Club Board

The Fenelon Falls Curling Club has had a very successful registration campaign for the 2019-2020 season. The two nights of open house and registration were packed with old and new friends sharing summer stories and making plans for this winter’s events at the Curling Club.

Our Youth League is headed up by the Peels, Katherine and Doug . If you have seen Doug with his construction equipment lay 1000 pound armour stone with precision, well just imagine what he does with a curling stone on a beautifully groomed sheet of ice. His enthusiasm to mentor young curlers can only help to grow our sport. Watch for the “Rocks and Rings” program in our local schools this fall.

The Board has worked through the summer to promote the club in our community. We are proud to display our logo and website. Our goal is to be the very best we can and our catch phrase “Curl Fenelon - it’s more than just the game “ was chosen to emphasize the club’s social and inclusive atmosphere.

We have set a registration fee that we feel is manageable for our players and enticing to new curlers young and not so young.

Youth League is Sunday afternoon from 1:00-3:00 pm, and fees are $99 (includes tax and OCA fees)

Learn to Curl is Sunday 3-5 pm, for a 6 week duration starting Nov 3rd for $99 (plus tax) and includes an opportunity to play and practice with one of our leagues for the 6 weeks.

Our new website “ “ is up and full of information about our leagues, events, and registration forms.

Give us a call, stop by the club when the lights are on, or ask anyone in town how to belong. We are well known around town and excited to include everyone.

Join the Fenelon Falls Climate Strike

Submitted by Abigail Jardine

Our planet is changing, so why aren’t we?

For many years scientists have expressed their concern about global warming. Environmental non-profits such a WWF, Greenpeace, and Sierra Club advised citizens to take shorter showers, bike instead of drive, turn off lights, and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth in order to combat climate change. As much as those easy tasks are great they are simply not enough.

We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to net zero by the middle of this century to have a reasonable chance of limiting global warming to 1.5C. This means we are not doing enough at the moment to keep emissions down.

We - the children and youths of today - have realized that our future depends on it. We are the last generation that can make a change before it is too late, before we can not reverse the damage we have done. Tomorrow, on September 27th 2019, we the children will march to show our town, our city, our government that we are not asking for change - we are demanding it.

Our village can be a part of a big change. We as a community can reduce our plastic, eat more plant-based foods, buy local goods, use more renewable energy, carpool, elect politicians that create change, and so much more!

Young people do not want to return home to Fenelon Falls one day with our future kids and tell they can not swim in the lake because it is too polluted. We do not want to tell them how there used to be many trees, fish, birds, and blue sky, and at night you would see the most beautiful stars and not cast smog. Change is upon us and let’s start by letting everyone know. Let’s march hand in hand for a better future.

Join the Climate Strike in Fenelon Falls on Friday, September 27th at 11:00 am. Meet at the marquee sign on Oak Street, and feel free to bring signs encouraging action for this peaceful protest.

Photo Round Up - September 26

Every week, we share a photo round up of photos that were submitted to us.

We’ll select our favourite as that week’s feature photo.

Let us know which pictures you love and why in the comments!

Sunset pics from Garry Watson. September 19th from South Bay, Balsam Lake.

“From our home on the west shore of Cameron Lake, twice a year, coinciding with the equinox, the sun rises directly from the mound in the background.” - Bruce Forrester & Diana Wood

“From our home on the west shore of Cameron Lake, twice a year, coinciding with the equinox, the sun rises directly from the mound in the background.” - Bruce Forrester & Diana Wood

“Grandson washing the cottage deck” - Garry Watson

“Grandson washing the cottage deck” - Garry Watson

“Balsam Lake South Bay Beauty” - Garry Watson

“Balsam Lake South Bay Beauty” - Garry Watson

“Cameron Lake” - Gord Demars

“Cameron Lake” - Gord Demars

“Earning their keep.” - Garry Watson

“Earning their keep.” - Garry Watson

“Caught this sunset on Friday, September 20 from That Place on Cameron. One of the last summer sunsets!” - Steve Winter

“Caught this sunset on Friday, September 20 from That Place on Cameron. One of the last summer sunsets!” - Steve Winter

“Looking north-east towards Sturgeon point/Bobcaygeon from long beach.” - Brad Campkin

A Huge Thank You!

Last Friday and Saturday, September 13th and 14th, you may have noticed volunteers fundraising, or “tagging” as it’s known, in support of the Ross Memorial Hospital.

Volunteers were stationed at Tim Horton’s, Sobeys, and on Saturday at the LCBO as well, where they collectively raised over $4000 for the Ross Memorial Hospital.

A huge “Thank You!” to all of the tagging volunteers and to the generous people of Fenelon Falls who donated.

Health Expert Dishes Out Free Nutrition Advice for Families at Special Events Planned This Fall in Kawartha Lakes

Press Release submitted by Kendra Fleming

(KAWARTHA LAKES) – This fall, there’s plenty to learn for families seeking help to establish healthier eating options for their infant, toddler or pre-schooler.


Registered Dietitian Laura Abbasi will share her nutrition expertise with parents of young children at Meet the Dietitian events slated for EarlyON Child and Family Centres throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes. These free events, organized by the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit Learn, all run from 10 am to Noon on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 18 at the Omemee EarlyON Centre (in Lady Eaton Public School, 17 James St. N.).

  • Friday, Sept. 20, at the Janetville EarlyON Centre (in Janetville United Church, 714 Janetville Rd.)

  • Friday, Sept. 27 at the Woodville EarlyON Centre (in the Woodville Legion, Queen Street)

  • Tuesday, Oct. 8 at the Pontypool EarlyON Centre (in Pontypool Community Centre, 254 John St.)

  • Friday, Oct. 11 at the Lindsay EarlyON Centre (55 Mary St. W. Unit 106)

  • Thursday, Oct. 24 at the Fenelon Falls EarlyON Centre (in Fenelon Falls Secondary School, 66 Lindsay St., Rm #133)

  • Thursday, Oct. 31 at the Bobcaygeon EarlyON Centre (in Bobcaygeon Legion, 96 King St. E.)

  • Tuesday, Dec. 3, at the Lindsay EarlyON Centre (55 Mary St. W. Unit 106).


“Healthy eating is essential for a young child’s growth and development, but the early years can also lay the foundation for the types of food choices he or she will make later in life,” says Abbasi. “That’s why we encourage parents and caregivers to attend a Meet the Dietitian event in their community for advice and support.”


The Meet the Dietitian events are informative, yet informal and allow for one-on-one time with parents who may have specific questions they want answered. Typically, Abbasi will cover such topics as: introducing solid foods to infants, dealing with a picky eater, making healthy snacks for the entire family, using Canada’s Food Guide ( to plan nutritious meals, finding reliable nutrition information online, and promoting healthy eating and supportive feeding environments.


“Sitting down to eat a home-cooked meal together as a family without any digital distractions like cellphones and TVs is a great way parents can showcase healthy eating for their children,” she notes. “Busy schedules can make it difficult to enjoy meals together every night, so instead aim for two or three family meals together each week.”


According to Abbasi, each age and stage of early childhood has its own challenges when it comes to eating and she is more than happy to address these in the Meet the Dietitian events. For example, introducing new and solid foods is often the biggest challenge facing parents of infants. At the toddler stage, establishing good eating routines is crucial. Parents of preschool-aged children may find dealing with picky eaters or kids with variable appetites are more pressing concerns.


For more on the Meet the Dietitian events, call the Health Unit at 1-866-888-4577, ext. 1233.


For media inquiries, contact:

Laura Abbasi, Registered Dietitian, HKPR District Health Unit, 1-866-888-4577, ext. 1233.