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Photo Round Up - September 12

Every week, we share a photo round up of photos that were submitted to us.

We’ll select our favourite as that week’s feature photo.

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Photo Round Up - September 5

Every week, we share a photo round up of photos that were submitted to us.

We’ll select our favourite as that week’s feature photo.

Let us know which pictures you love and why in the comments!

Cameron Steel Tour

Submitted by Marylee Boston

Are you  looking for a skilled tradesperson for a job at your home or cottage? There a number of talented professionals in many of the trades working right here in Fenelon Falls and some may have garnered their interest in the skilled trades locally at Fenelon Falls Secondary School (FFSS). 

Before school closed in June I stopped by FFSS to see for myself what the school has to offer and what that means for local students and businesses alike. Just prior to my visit 13 students from the Skilled Trades classes toured Cameron Steel, a local manufacturing company. Students, Isaac G. and Ryan P. took some time to tell me about the tour and their plans for the future. The tour of Cameron Steel was fresh in their minds so Isaac and Ryan could hardly contain their excitement when describing what is like to see large scale versions of many of the machines they work on in the shop at FFSS. From lathes, CNC machines, heavy equipment, to welding and so much more. They were surprised to learn that Cameron Steel sells their product to countries all over the world from right here in Kawartha Lakes. 

Starting in Grade 9 students at FFSS can take classes in; Automotive Service, Small Engines, Construction, Hospitality and Tourism, Green Industries, Manufacturing and Robotics is a new addition for the 2019/2020 school year. These classes offer students early exposure to very practical, real life skills that they can use in their hobbies or careers. The dual credit option with Fleming College gives students a head start on their post secondary learning and budget. There are also opportunities for students to compete and showcase their skills at the annual Ontario Skills Competition. FFSS students have placed very well at this competition over the years, including an 8th place finish in 2019. 

No matter what Isaac and Ryan decide to do in the future, they will finish high school with a toolbelt full of skills that will make them sought after for many a renovation, auto repair or welding project.  

Many thanks to Isaac, Ryan and Manufacturing Tech. Teacher, Ryan Rawlins for sharing their enthusiasm for the trades and showing me around the many trades classrooms. Isaac and Ryan also showed off their class projects in the photos below.

Kawartha Lakes Sports and Recreation Council to Host 5th Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner

Submitted by Dennis Geelen

Volunteers rarely seek recognition. But the Kawartha Lakes Sport and Recreation Council (KLSRC) knows how much they contribute to the sport and recreation community in Kawartha Lakes. Think of that favourite coach that helped build your confidence, or that always reliable volunteer willing to take on any task, or the behind the scenes board members who keep organizations viable and progressive. And then tell us about those individuals by nominating them for a Volunteer of the Year Award so they can be recognized on November 6th, at KLSRC’s 5th Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner at the Lindsay Golf and Country Club. 

Nomination categories include coach/trainer, board/organizational volunteer, and active recreation/community volunteer. There will also be a Volunteer Organization of the Year category.  

Previous award winners include:


Volunteer - Ivan Goodhand, Allyssa Adams, and Stephen Hayma

Organization – Optimist Club of Lindsay


Volunteer - Pat Staneland, Patty Tomlinson, and Darryl Buttar

Organization – OPS Minor Baseball


Volunteer – Kevin Tysiak, Lori Grills, and Bernice Mitchell

Organization – Lindsay Wildcats Basketball


Volunteer – Tom Jeffrey, Chris O’Neill, and Steve Blodgett

Organization – Lindsay Unites

While the event serves to bring awareness to and provide recognition of the hard work, time, and energy that volunteers contribute, it also provides an opportunity to focus on a particular benefit of sport and recreation within the community. This year, the theme of the evening is Sport and Recreation Across the Lifespan – to reflect the importance of staying active at all ages, and to highlight the KLSRC partners who support CKL residents to do so. KLSRC members will provide updates of key projects from this past year, communicate their direction for the next twelve months, and highlight the KLSRC Supporter and Membership programs that offer options to join in with KLSRC to help create a community that is active for life.

To nominate an individual for Volunteer of the Year or a sport and recreation provider for Volunteer Organization of the Year, or to learn more about the KLSRC, please contact Coordinator Dennis Geelen at Deadline for nominations is September 30, 2019.

Photo Round Up - August 29

Every week, we share a photo round up of photos that were submitted to us.

We’ll select our favourite as that week’s feature photo.

Let us know which pictures you love and why in the comments!

Meet the Tourism Ambassadors

This summer, five local students took on the task of spreading their love of the town to visitors. These are the Tourism Ambassadors. In the waning weeks of summer the Tourism Ambassadors would like to share a little bit about themselves and their summer in Fenelon Falls.

For the Tourism Ambassadors a typical day starts at nine o’clock when they don gloves and make their way around town cleaning up the streets. Then in pairs, they spread out greeting visitors from around the world, boaters moored along the channel, and creating social media content promoting local events and business. On Wednesdays, you can find the TA’s helping the Horticulture Society take care of the many beautiful gardens around Fenelon. In essence, they aim to foster a positive and welcoming environment in Fenelon Falls and strive to make people’s stay in town one to remember.

We asked the Tourism Ambassadors some questions about their experience working and what they have learned over the summer.

What has been your favourite moment of the summer so far?

  • The time when I found a sweet hat with my best friends (The TAs).

  • The time I got to play in the splash pad.

  • The time where I gave around 30 tourist a tour of the falls.

  • Please, don’t make me choose (too many)!

  • Helping the Horticultural Society with the gardens around town.

What advice would you give to future Tourism Ambassadors?

  • Get some good walking shoes.

  • Wear sunscreen!!!

  • Don’t be scared to approach people, most people are very friendly!

  • Be a friendly face.

  • Remember that even if the last person you spoke to isn’t kind, the next one could be.

  • Always say hi even though they may not say hi back.

Have you learned anything new about Fenelon Falls this summer because of your job as a TA?

  • The people are super friendly.

  • People visit Fenelon from all across the world.

  • Fenelon is usually really busy with tourism, and flower baskets are a handful.

  • The Farmer’s Market has a wide variety of different vendors.

  • We have a volunteer firefighter station that works hard to protect the people of Fenelon.

What was your favourite Instagram story that you took?

  • Country Cupboard- Frozen Yogurt

  • Lil Wee Quilt Shoppe-Great View

  • Splash Pad-Fun Shoot

  • Kawartha Store-Fashion makeover

  • The Book Lady - Amazing puns (insta stories), nice little shop.

Photo Round Up - August 22

Every week, we share a photo round up of photos that were submitted to us.

We’ll select our favourite as that week’s feature photo.

Let us know which pictures you love and why in the comments!

Thank You Tourism Ambassadors!

This week our intrepid Tourism Ambassadors are wrapping up their tenure in town.

You’ve probably seen them around in their bright blue shirts giving people directions, promoting local businesses, spreading the word about local attractions and events, and helping the Horticultural Society with public garden maintenance. A few times I even saw them collecting litter in Garnet Graham Park!

The Tourism Ambassadors are leaving us with a few more goodies - stay tuned for the “TA Takeover” of the Town Crier newsletter next week, and keep playing along with the Puzzlers at the end of the Town Crier.

But for now, we’d like to say a special Thank You to the Tourism Ambassadors for their efforts around Fenelon Falls this summer. If you see one of them in their bright blue shirts tomorrow, feel free to say thanks and best wishes!

Photo Round Up - August 15

Every week, we share a photo round up of photos that were submitted to us.

We’ll select our favourite as that week’s feature photo.

Let us know which pictures you love and why in the comments!

Fresh Ingredients for Fenelon Food Bank - The History and Accomplishments of Fenelon's Victory Garden

Submitted by Alex Tan

After last years successful harvest consisting of hundreds of pounds of fresh produce donated to the Salvation Army’s food bank the Fenelon Falls Horticulture Society are gearing up for round two. The Victory Garden is located at 50 Oak Street in Fenelon Falls, right on the north side of the historic Maryboro Lodge - Fenelon Museum. The garden consists of ten elevated planters that grow a plethora of herbs, fruits and vegetables. From butternut squash to dill, the garden grows over 20 edible species of plant. 

Below is the Victory Garden at the beginning of summer followed by a picture just a month later. 

Victory Garden.png

As I talked to the organizers and community leaders working on this amazing project I learned a little bit about the history of Victory Gardens and how that vision has been scoped to tackle modern issues. 

First a bit of context. The term victory garden was first used to describe the mobilization of Canadians as they used rooftop gardens, planter boxes and a converted flower gardens to grow food to feed the brave Canadians and their allies fighting in WWI. It was seen as a leisurely way to be patriotic on the home front. This grassroots movement supplied food for the war effort while boosting moral across the country. This practice continued through the Great Depression and found a resurgence in WWII.

The spirit of victory gardens pushed everyday Canadians to turn their rooftops, vacant lots and balconies into a force for positive change. Today, Fenelon’s Victory Garden is taking on another war. The fight against hunger is being attacked head on as members of the Horticulture Society harvest pounds of fresh produce for the food bank. The Salvation Army receives 3 to 4 kgs of food each week and that number grows every week. If you wish to get involved with this amazing project, you can visit the Fenelon Falls Horticulture Society on Facebook or visit their website

The food bank would also like to thank the many individuals, other community gardens and local businesses that are so generous in donating fresh produce.