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Schmale Pleased with Decision to Help Close Gaps in Rural Internet

Submitted by Dylan Robichaud on behalf of the Office of Jamie Schmale, MP

OTTAWA, ON – Local MP Jamie Schmale welcomes today’s announcement by the Government of Canada to contribute $71 million in funding to develop the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) mobile broadband project.

“I have been talking about the need to fill the gaps in internet and cellular coverage since being first elected in 2015 as people and businesses in rural communities struggle with reduced access to vital connectivity,” said Schmale. “While today’s announcement is a positive step forward, it also is met with frustration, as the government has had the EORN project application on their desk for over two years with little-to-no movement.”

“Despite what seemed like endless amounts of meetings to talk about this much needed investment, it appears that on the eve of an election, with sagging poll numbers and seats in Eastern Ontario in jeopardy, the government has finally decided to take action.”

Today’s announcement will support a Dual-Phase Project, which is mandated to first build 317 new telecommunications towers and an additional 32 local Internet access points to improve overall mobile coverage for residents of Eastern Ontario. The second phase will identify the capacity gaps that result from heavy user-traffic, upgrade equipment to reduce network overloads, and improve service quality in rural communities.

In addition to federal dollars, the Province of Ontario committed months ago $71 million and two years ago, the Eastern Ontario Wardens' Caucus earmarked $10 million towards the initiative, with private partners providing the rest of the funding.

“Residents and businesses in Eastern Ontario would benefit from improved access to online services which allow people to connect with friends, family, business, and community organizations. Most importantly, this proposal will save lives by ensuring cellular access to emergency services in remote areas and improving public safety by connecting all first responders on a dedicated network,” said Schmale.

For more information, please contact:

Office of Jamie Schmale, MP,

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(705) 324-2400 or (866) 688-9881

A Capital Experience

Submitted by Marylee Boston

Fourteen students from area secondary schools joined MP Jamie Schmale as part of the third annual Capital Experience. Local Grade 12 Fenelon Falls Secondary School students Shaun Soutar and Charlotte Neumann were privileged to participate in this years event.

Shaun and Charlotte stopped by to share their stories and impressions after spending 3 days in Ottawa. Here’s a quick flyby of the itinerary during their whirlwind trip: meetings with Andrew Scheer the Leader of the Official Opposition, the Chief Herald of Canada, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as Katlyn Harrison (a graduate of I.E. Weldon) who works at a government relations firm.

The group also attended Question Period where MP Jamie Schmale introduced each student by name and they held a mock Question Period when Parliament was out of session. Next up was the Supreme Court of Canada where they not only toured the building but also held a mock trial and visited the Supreme Court Library. They were amazed how many books were housed in the library considering they were only books relating to law! During the mock trial Charlotte had the honour of sitting on the Supreme Court Justices bench while presiding over the trial. Then there was a trip to the CBC studios for a filming of Power & Politics which included a visit to the control room and a behind the scenes look at the complexities of live television.

Throughout the meetings and experiences both Charlotte and Shaun were overwhelmed with how willingly people gave of their time to meet with them, answer questions and share their life experience. They felt respected and treated as adults who will soon be entering life outside of high school.

The biggest take away from their trip was the continued reminder from those they met to go and experience life; try various jobs, build networks, collect experience and one day the road may lead them to a life in the politics. If not politics, then be an informed and engaged citizen looking to make the world a better place.

Photo Credit: The Office of MP Jamie Schmale

Photo Credit: The Office of MP Jamie Schmale